Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feeling bad...

It's been another week since I've written. I'm sitting here, watching it snow AGAIN, and assume that we will have a late start for Monday morning. I have a terrible cold and actually thought it could be the flu, but I feel too good for the flu. I did try and do my 3 mile run instead of a 13 that I was supposed to do, but I just couldn't even muster enough to do the 3 mile. I walked most of it. My lungs hurt, so just need to take it relatively easy and let my body heal. At this stage of the training, missing one long run won't harm me.
Everything else has been pretty much the same. Still have the 3 foster cats. A funny moment happend when I was doing my hill workout on my treadmill on Thursday. Let's say that I have confirmed that I have the most playful cats of all. He's not the only one who does this, but I personally have never seen this. Just imagine doing your workout and hearing this strange noise, turning around, then your cat exercising behind you! What a funny guy. I had a great workout for the remainder of the week, especially my 6 miles in 49 minutes on Friday. It's supposed to be "race pace", which is closer to 8.5 minute miles, but I was happy with my faster workout and wasn't too tuckered out after I was done. I just hope I feel better soon and can get my 7 milers in on Tuesday and Friday. I have a tempo workout on Thursday, which isn't a big deal. I am enjoying going to the gym, just not the people who walk in front of me when I am clearly running. Just watch where you are going, people, that's all I ask!
This link will direct you to Youtube where the video is posted.
Have a good one and stay healthy!

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