Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer's getting closer!

After spending so many hours at Paw Prints this week, much to the sacrifice of the cleanliness of my house, I appreciate what goes into keeping the adoption center so well organized and clean. Thanks to Beth and Leah plus the others who come in on their days. You both amaze me at your passion and ability to put them above yourself!
I spent several hours there today and got to meet the new family for Puma. She's a great little cat who came to us just about a week ago. She's so social and playful so I'm glad that this family picked her. There's been some things going on with the kittens at the adoption center. We don't know what is happening to them, but we've lost a lot of them recently. It's so hard to come to terms with it, so the best way that I can deal with it is to pray for them and then forget that it happens. I do break down into tears to relieve the pressure, plus it makes me feel better to mourn for these little babies who deserved so much more.
As for running, I'm very bitter about it now. I need to get over this and just get back to running. I haven't actually been running that much as I've done the bike and elliptical to help my shin splint or whatever it is to heal. It seems to be working and plan to run every day this week. I just hope and pray that it's going to stay better!
I've got so much personally going on that I need the running for my therapy. It makes me feel better for the most part, although when I ran on Friday morning, I was so mad about having to run at the track, I cut my workout short. I just couldn't run 12 more times around the track or I'd have to admit myself into the looney bin. I decided that going home was a better option. I did work out some stuff while running so glad I went, plus I got to watch the sun rise.
Well, more later!

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