Monday, November 30, 2009

The cats

Chandler is doing much better. His little friend, Peace, got a version of his sickness, but she seems to be doing a whole lot better this evening. She got very sick when she was a tiny little kitten and ended up having a fever so high, she has neurological damage; meaning, she is a little unbalanced. Otherwise, she's a great and fun kitten. Chandler is still so tiny but he's plugging away and seems to be doing well.
Sunkist is amazing. He seemed to be wanting out of his large kennel and going nose to nose to several of the other cats, so I let him out today. He is playing and getting along with them wonderfully! I couldn't believe it. I kenneled him for the night, but he is just doing great and learning what it's like to be a house cat. He had to have been one before...I can't imagine a feral cat behaving so friendly in the first place, but I'm so glad that I was able to get him inside before these frigid temps this week.
Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue will be at Petsmart again this weekend. We have lots of cats available for adoption and will be taking pictures of your pets and you as a fundraiser. Come and check it out!
I do want to let you followers know that I will be on and off for the month of December. I have so much going on for the new year that I will be blogging more regularly after 2010, but for this December, I will be on when I can. Keep on checking as I know there will be things going on this month!

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  1. I admit I was a lot skeptical of bringing an outdoor cat in as skittish as Sunkist was, and am so thrilled he's such a great boy! So proud of you for making a difference in yet another cat's life!