Sunday, February 21, 2010


First, I have to say that I deleted my last post. I was very angry and was venting on this, so if you read it, I'm sorry. More things have happened that make me feel like everything that I am doing is worth the effort.

Good news though!

Lots of adoptions have happened this week! Check out just a few pictures of some of the little ones who got new homes this week! Yeah for Garcia, Marble, Spaz, Ella, and Peace!!! Peace, who was in my house for 6 weeks and I dearly love, got her new home yesterday.

As for running, I did a quick 8 miler on Friday afternoon and 17 miles on Saturday morning. My legs are exhausted today so thank goodness for my day off! I was happy about the times too, so that's good. I have a step down week for the long run, but the regular miles during the week step up a few this week. It will be interesting!

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