Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Friday, another long run

Sideways picture of Tony, who was adopted and will be going home today. Thank you, Paw Prints!
This has been an interesting week. First, I couldn't sleep very well for some unknown reason. Had I known the reason, I would have fixed it, pronto. I ran 10 miles on the treadmill last Sunday and got a friction rash on my left thigh. Irritating and makes me feel fat. Took Monday off because I was just tired in my legs. I honestly think the treadmill is harder.

Anyway, had great running efforts the rest of the week, and today, I went to the gym for a fast 8 miler, and got a friction rash on the other thigh. What the ???&%# Anyway, got some biker shorts so I wouldn't bleed to death during my 16 mile jog tomorrow. I figured out it was my shorts because I've gotten smaller since I started this and the other shorts have never bothered me before. Grrrr.

I am looking forward to some good food and a great jog in the morning though. I am NOT looking forward to 160 times around the tiny little microscopic track at the gym. Better than slipping on the ice outside....

On a very good note, Paw Prints has received some donations this week, unfortunately not due to the article in the paper. But they are donations anyway. There have been a few adoptions too. Tony, one of my favorite cats, is going home today. He's a hugger and a love bug so his new family will love him to pieces. Velvet, the cat I fostered last year, is at the store, and she looks great. She's running around and acting frisky and happy. She was such a good mom to her babies and to two other kittens. Funny, I have two of those still!

Well, my kids are in shorts and tank tops with their shin guards on ready to play soccer in the basement, so that's my cue to log off here and supervise!

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