Saturday, October 10, 2009

In one week from right now, I will have completed something that I never thought I would...another marathon. At least that's the way it's supposed to be! I am getting nervous about it, especially with this horrible cough I have had for the past week. I was up for about 3 hours last night coughing. I'm guessing that my abs are getting a nice workout! My back hurts from it though.
I have the entire week's meals planned out. They are mild yet rich in carbs and protein. I won't be having much caffeine at all and absolutely no wine or beer. I am hoping beyond all hopes that it will not be rainy next Saturday morning. It can be cold and windy (preferably not) but just not rainy! I'm getting all the songs I want downloaded to my MP3 player for running entertainment, and I will be doing several short runs this week, plus stretching. After the run, I'm very excited to start taking up yoga. I tried it once this summer and am looking forward to strengthening my muscles and getting more flexible.
I am still taking pledges for my run....I'm asking for $35 donations, all tax deductible. And I have a sneaking feeling that my "Running for a Paws" cause will continue into 2010.....

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