Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some of My Kittens to Petsmart

Kitties: Lovey- Orange Tabby
Flower (we renamed him T-Bone)- Black with white
Edith- Calico
I admit today that it is extremely hard to be a kitty foster parent. They come to you so scared and hungry and tired. You take care of them and they learn to trust you and love you. They are happy. Then you take them to Petsmart in good faith so they can find a loving forever home so you can help more kitties like them. They don't understand.
Edith and Flower came from a pretty bad situation. They were literally shaking like leaves on an Iowa October day. Now they wag their tails like puppies and purr so loudly and just love to be hugged and loved on. I need to take them to Petsmart so they can find new's just very hard for these babies I grow to love so much.

In some instances, life would be so much easier if I didn't care....but it sure would be empty.

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