Tuesday, October 6, 2009

11 Days and Counting

Eleven days until the Siouxland Marathon. I'm getting nervous...will the weather be ok, will I feel ok, what do I wear, will my stomach hurt, will I lose the route and end up in LeMars, will my legs fall off in bits as I finish the last 10k? All these things run through my mind. I'm getting into mental race mode though...nothing that I know of can stop me. Pains, aches, all those are arriving this week with my cold, but I am determined to finish this race, hopefully running across the finish line!
I got a nasty cold last week. Ryan had pink eye on Wednesday, then was up practially all night Friday night with croup cough and high fever. Then Friday I started to feel bad, but felt better Saturday, thank goodness, as it was my 36th birthday. Then of all things, after flapping my yapper all day Saturday, I lost my voice on Saturday night and am still trying to find it. It's Tuesdsay. I did run 10 miles, 6 in the rain, on Monday. It felt good, although I could tell it had been a week since my last run. With the weather and sick kids, I just couldn't get one in! Ok, I could on the treadmill, but I'm not going there yet. No.
So I plan to run 10 again in the morning. The coughing hasn't affected the running, although I do lose about 90 minutes of really important sleep every night because of it. It's a dry hacking gagging cough that I can't control. I am really hoping that it doesn't come back tonite. I really dislike those zombie days when all I want to do is sleep. Pretty much nothing has been done in my house except for the litter boxes being cleaned out and my kids getting cared for and fed. Grrr. I don't like being so tired all the time.
I was so proud of my hubby, Andy, for running the Broken Toe run at Stone State Park on Saturday morning in the cold wet weather. He ran about 8 minute miles in the hills, and he hasn't run since JUNE. We are an athletic family, but JUNE? I don't understand that man's leg power. Anyway, we went to cheer him on and I will post pictures when I can figure out how to do it from that silly camera.
That is all for now. Kittens are to Petsmart this weekend, which hurts my heart, but I know I can't keep them all. I just have to trust that they will find loving forever homes.
Think of them today and wish them the best!


  1. I'm very proud of you hun for what you are doing. You are going to have a great Marathon run! WE love you.

  2. Yeah, you are going to be AWESOME!!!