Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet morning and a loooong run

I went downstairs to check on the kitties this morning and to also start the weekly family laundry task. I was quickly surrounded by sweet kittens and cats wanting my love and so ready to give me their love. What a good way to start off the day! Lovey and Velvet were spayed on Monday. Lovey is acting like nothing ever happened. Velvet is taking it slow for now. I hope to goodness she doesn't get sick after going through so much. She was walking around and stretching earlier, so that's a good sign. If only I could get her kittens off of her...they are old enough to leave her alone!
To back up a little, I started out Monday morning by running 20 miles. I didn't know when else I could do it. Boy was it windy! I think at that time it was blowing at about 20 miles per hour with some higher gusts. I detest running, walking, being in the wind. Maybe it stems from one of my Ragbrai experiences when we had to petal down steep hills to keep going when we should have been able to coast. I strongly disliked it then and I sure do now!
ANYWAY, I felt good for the entire run and finished the 20 miles in 3 hours 17 minutes. I was sore that day and Tuesday. I felt pretty strong through the whole thing, even with all the steep hills that I run along the route. All I want to do since then is EAT, which is a good problem to have, but sometimes I run out of things that I actually want to consume. I'm not doing well with vegetables (could have something to do with finding a baby worm on a piece of broccoli on my plate-my stomach gets sick when I even think of it!) this week but doing good on fruit. Gotta love those fruit and yogurt smoothies! I love to eat egg whites and turkey bacon too.
We are working on several fundraisers, so keep posted.
Also, thank you to Dawna for your donation to my Paws cause! I love you, girl!
More pics later and a nice story about a big old yellow cat!

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