Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun with kids

Tyler had a swimming party yesterday. I wish I could have observed, but I headed to Paw Prints to give Beth a relief for a few hours. While I was there, a nice couple with two little boys that reminded me of mine came in looking for a cat. They were there a while to try and find the perfect one for their family. Unfortunately, I had to leave before they made their decision, so I'm really excited to find out who they chose. Prince, the beautiful all white cat, was acting so much more friendly and social, so I really hope they chose him. They may have chose a younger and more playful one like Milo or Katy. Beth dropped her phone in the cleaning bucket so I couldn't get a hold of her....darn phones! That's what happened to mine a few months back. Big expensive mistake since I had only gotten it about six months prior. Verizon wasn't very forgiving on that one.
We went to a friend's house for dinner and let all the kids play. Theirs and ours are about the same ages, so they have a good time together. Their two older boys came home with us (with our kids too) and stayed overnight. They're now watching Andy play Wii Star Wars. I just have absolutely no interest in these sort of games so don't understand the draw to boys. Must be testosterone.
The mom cat in the basement with the five kittens is about to be named. I found lots of cute names for black, names of gems, and just cute names, some from Disney. The kittens are growing like weeds. I weighed one on Friday night and he was 6 ounces. There are three boys and two girls if I looked right....the boys are a bit bigger. Mom cat still hisses and growls at me when I come in, but she's never been aggressive or anything toward me. She was an outdoor cat and lived under a deck, so she was probably always in defense mode. I hope she warms up and realized what a posh life she could have if she just quit hissing! Once she settles, after a hiss or two, she lays down with her kittens and lets me pet her, hold her, and rub her chin.
Well, better get going on my day!

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