Thursday, March 18, 2010

We're full, very full

I have told Beth several times that when you say that we're down cats, something will happen and our seams will be busting within days. I was right. She said we were down cats and could handle more and it's now Thursday, and we're busting. We have ten or more additional cats that we didn't plan on. Some were returns, some were expected to test positive, but nonetheless, we have many many adoptable cats. I hope it's a big adoption weekend for sure!
I am burned out on running this week, probably from such a high mileage past two weeks. It's been well over 100 miles in under three weeks. I'm tired from the running itself, tired from going outside and being on the hills for the first time in months (although I don't mind this one as it means it's nice enough to be outside), tired of getting up at 5am to do all the running, tired of being tired! It's all worth it and I hope my mental strength can hold out for a little longer. I'm working on my marathon playlist to keep me motivated while running. Some songs will be repeated and I'll have to figure out how to do this.
The NCAA tourney is going on, my hubby is missing in the house at the moment and I have 30 minutes to play Wii Sorry. I have to go, NOW!
More later, a lot more later!
Oh, and the momma and babies here are doing great. The little ones are already 5 or so ounces. I'm going to weigh them every day if I can to just see how fast they grow. They did hiss at me this morning, which is about the cutest thing to ever hear and see! It's like seeing baby chicks and bunnies.....ahh, babies. And I think my olive branch is growing leaves.

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