Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Politics and Olive Branches

New Momma with her five babies! Need names for all of them.

We will see if my olive branch was long enough to repair a relationship that was damaged by someone else. Doesn't matter who did it or why, but this is something I feel strongly about and we will see. For the sake of privacy and POLITICS, this other person/entity shall remain nameless although I'm sure some people who know what is going on could easily figure it out! We will see, we will see. At least I can rest knowing that I did my part and did what I thought would be the best thing, to make ammends and go from here.

I do not have my foster kitties any more. Monday was a really emotional yet a day filled with a ray of sunshine. There were some storm clouds, but there was that ray that shined down on my newest foster mom and her babies that were born on Sunday night. We thought they were going to test positive for feline leukemia or aids, which are deadly diseases. They were negative. Yes, some cats can live a while with aids but Paw Prints cannot handle the influx of healthy cats, so there's no way we can place cats with contagious diseases. It's a catch 22.

So anyway, we have our new mom and her five kittens. They are doing well and I think I'm gaining the mom's trust more every time I go and see her, which is several times per day. All the kittens seem to be doing well too, so that's just a good day. I have gotten used to being hissed at but then she smells my hand, purrs, and turns over so I can see her babies.

There's so much more to talk about, but I just don't have time right now. I will probably go to lecture mode in my next be prepared!

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