Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a weekend

There were three cat adoptions for Paw Prints on Friday and Saturday! The new arrival, Sparrow, and two others from the store got new homes. I had the pleasure of removing them from the web page for available cats today. ( I really want to remove Velvet, who we have had since August, when she came to us from Animal Control, starving and with a litter of kittens. What a wonderful mom she was to them and to two others she took in as her own, one of which I kept. Wait a minute, I have one of her actual kittens too so I guess that makes it two!
I did my 19 mile run yesterday morning. 190 times around that tiny little track. Maybe I can get outside next week. The warmer weather is shrinking the mountains of snow, thankfully.
I did the run in a 9 minute mile pace. I'm slightly sore today, but after figuring out that I ran 47 miles between Tuesday and Saturday, I'm surprised that I'm not more tired and sore. I did "reward" myself (or almost punish myself?) by having 3 of my favorite martinis at Luciano's with this wonderful man. It's hard to believe that I could meet and then keep such a person in my life for 12 years-we met almost exactly 12 years ago, March 14 1998. I don't feel worthy most of the time of all he is and does, but I'm so lucky and happy, truly satisfied, that he picked me and loves me every day and isn't afraid to tell me. I am going to dedicate a blog to him the next few weeks. It's funny how he is the steady one, the one who maintains his cool, when I am the roller coaster of emotions pretty much all time. That's the way I am though, the way I was made. My highs are high, and my lows are low, lots of passion. I'm up, I'm down, I'm a one-woman circus sometimes, but he's always there loving me. Sigh, I love you, Andy!

I wasn't planning to write about that, but it's interesting how the words come and a subject creates itself. It all started with me having a sense of gratitude towards myself. I'm very hard on myself, I have extremely high expectations, higher for myself than I do anyone else. But after this week and the entire marathon training, I feel so lucky...lucky doesn't seem like the best word....probably blessed is the best word to describe how I feel. Maybe grace is more like it. I have something that is given to me without me deserving it. I have a very strong healthy body and I did nothing special to get it. I do take care of it for the most part in spite of my addiction to jalepeno kettle chips and an ice cold beer. I feel so thankful that I have the body that can carry me, injury free, for 19 miles in one morning at the gym. AND I am able to walk after and enjoy my life with my family. The only "one" I can thank for this is God. So thank you God for all you have given me without me deserving it, but I am taking care of it and appreciate all you have truly blessed me with.

Now I'm going to make an apple pie for my dad. Today is his 62nd birthday so we are going to their house for a pork roast dinner. Yum! Happy Birthday, Dad. We love you!

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  1. I love you too hun! We are fully behind you and support you in this great endeavor you have taken on. Go get 'em girl!!