Friday, March 5, 2010

What a week!

What a busy week! I have to give kudo's here before I write anything else.

I am so proud of Beth for
1) Being a founder of Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue
2) Blogging for the past several days!
Way to go and it's very interesting reading.
Check this blog out at I am a follower on this blog, so become a follower if possible!

I am going to have it available on the new website of Paw Prints too! Check that site our at The site will have more information on it in the coming weeks, but photos of the available kitties are on it as well as our current address and such. Steph Storm is the one who has done most of the work on this, so thank you to her! I'm sure there will be many adoptions this weekend, so check them out whether or not you plan to adopt! What a bunch of sweethearts.

In Paw Prints news, we were in the news twice this week. Once was on Sunday for a short blip of a story and once on Tuesday. It was a 2 minute story and covered our goals. Thank you Zach from KTIV! We appreciate your attention to the importance of what Paw Prints is trying to accomplish.
I can't blog here without mentioning my was my 9 mile race pace run. I ran the 9 miles in 73.5 minutes, exactly the same as I did last week. That's just over an 8 minute mile pace. Can I handle that for 26.2 miles? I sure hope so! I have a 19 mile run (yes, nineteen) in the morning. I got a 24 hour pass to the gym so I can go before 8. I hope to have many many miles done by then!
Well, I must play with my boys now, all three of them. I have been working with cat stuff, birthday parties, and other things this week so it's time to take a work break and focus on what is the most important in my life, family.
I will report back after the weekend.

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