Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mrs. Park

Mrs. Park came home from the vet today. She was spayed and front declawed. Beth is doing an experiment and wants to know if declawed cats are more adoptable than non-declawed. She is getting lots of inquiries about her cats and some peope are not interested at all if they are not declawed. It doesn't make any sense because some cats do not tear anything up. Case in point: Goldie. My other cats were tearing up my couches and other things but Goldie does not. The only thing she may tear up is Tigger's ear, and that hasn't happened in a while. So I urge anyone to not get their cats declawed if possible and if they do start to tear up your house, then make the decision to do it. If the cats we are offering for adoption are all spayed/neutered and have thier shots, what is the big deal about getting it done for yourself? My prior foster, Montana, hasn't been adopted yet, which totally boggles my mind. She is so sweet, doesn't tear anything up, and behaves. Ah, who knows. Anyway, Mrs, Park will be adoptable in about three weeks.
We are offering low-income spay/neuter/immunization for people in Sioux City. We assume the grant money for that purpose will go very fast, but if you know someone who has an unaltered cat in Sioux City, please contact me and we will try and help. There is a co-pay depending on income.
We are working on our next fundraiser for the fall. All craft items are needed to sell at the craft fair. It should be a fun and interesting time!
We have had a great time today and hopefully again tomorrow. Oh, I forgot to mention that I was away for a few days to visit my grandma. My cousins and their kids plus my uncles/aunts were there so I decided over a few minutes to go. What a great decision. It's so neat to see my kids play with my cousin's kids where we used to play 25 years ago. Wow, does time fly!
As for running, I haven't been able to much this week due to being away and not having child watch help. I am revisiting my running schedule to see when the next one is. The one that I know is coming is Aug. 1st in S. Sioux City. I'll see if there's one sooner, but not sure if it's in the area. Then there's that pesky weather! I am going to take up yoga, thanks to my cousin Sarah. It rocks and hopefully will help shave that last minute from my times that I have wanted. I've been a little lazy the past month but need to get back into it!

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