Monday, July 27, 2009

This week

I just haven't been good at blogging. I am in Wilmington, helping take care of my sister, who has some mysterious condition. She was in the hospital all last week, more doctors appointments this week, and still no answers. We are just hoping to get some answers soon! She is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I am so lucky to have a husband who urges me to be here to help, friends who are helping with my kids, and a husband who is taking care of things at home. It's very frustrating to watch your loved one, my only sister, go through this and not be able to make it go away. I couldn't imagine being home and not pacing the room with worry, so I know I need to be here. Ah, I druther on.....
We have yet another foster cat, Goldie is peeing on the boys' beds, so she is going to the vet to get tested today. The new kitten looks like her. Andy said that Mrs. Park is doing great and is coming out more and more. She's a sweetheart. I could keep her if there's no issue with Goldie. I just cannot keep a cat who is peeing on beds...not acceptable. Not sure what we would do with her, but probably see how she does at another house. If she does it there, then she would more than likely be a barn cat or find an indoor/outdoor home.
Well, need to get ready for sissy's doctor appointment. I will be missing the Mighty Mo race this Saturday since I will be flying home that day. Oh well, not even a consideration. I haven't been training much so not worried. I am going to try yoga this week if I can get my Paw Prints paperwork done! I need to strengthen my muscles....running isn't enough.
More updates later, at least we're counting on it!

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