Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I can't believe it's been a week since I have written. So sorry, yet again!

Here's a picture of Goldie Girl. She may be Goldie Gone if she keeps up her shenanigans. I am at a loss of how to deal with the cat pee in the house. It frustrates and angers me more than I can describe with out using a lot of these: &%$#@ but I'm trying to pin down exactly who it is. I do have my suspisions and she is pictured here.
I decided not to run in the race on Saturday. We all ended up sleeping in and breaking all our old sleep-in records by not getting up until around 8:30. WOW! That is when I would have been done with the race, so it was good to get rest, but I think I would have done well in it. Next time!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Sonia!

We had a fundraiser day at Chili's on Thursday. Not sure how much we are going to get, but hope it's $1-200. I had my fill for lunch and dinner there! Dessert was exceptionally yummy! This upcoming Thursday I'm trying to have a Tupperware party to raise money as well. I know it should be a decent amount from just what I plan to order! We will see.

I had an idea for Paw Prints to march in the Rivercade Parade here in a few weeks. I will have to work on that one this week. Paw Prints was asked to participate in ArtSplash this year so we're trying to come up with simple crafts for kids. Hopefully we can get that ironed out as well.

We have had a wonderful 4th weekend. We took the kids fishing at Beth's house Friday and caught some keepers. They went back in the pond, but would have made a yummy dinner! Yesterday we had a get-together at our house and it was a great time with great friends. There were 14 kids and 12 adults. Too bad the weather wasn't good enough to get the huge water slide out! We saw lots of fireworks last night too. Each 4th of July makes me feel so very thankful that we live in this wonderful country. It certainly isn't perfect, but I couldn't imagine living in any other country! I send a thank you for everyone who has made our freedom possible!!!!

We are off to play more at the river today. Thank goodness for the warm sunshine. I think it was warmer at 9am than it was the entire day yesterday. Goodbye jeans!
Happy 4th of July to everyone!

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