Monday, July 20, 2009

Signed up for the Sioux City 1/2 Marathon

There have been a lot of personal things going on today. Some of our great friends that were our neighbors in Mooresville are here to visit for the day. They will be here until morning. I am trying to help Beth with the grant money organization. That has been harder to do with all the other stuff that came up that needs done. To prove a point that what she is doing will help, she called someone from the newspaper ad who was giving away kittens. This is the mom cat's sixth litter in a short amount of time. Once her kittens are weaned, she will be spayed! So no more kittens from this cat anymore! Beth also met someone who heard her talking and has a cat who needs spayed. He's a college student and this will prevent him from having to give away kittens. It's amazing how many kittens one cat can produce. We have to stop the madness! About 2-400 cats are euthanized each MONTH in Sioux City by Animal Control.
Anyway, once I can get my thoughts organized, I will update my readers and post some pictures of the wonderful little kittens that I have here now. The mom cat is Sadie...what a sweetheart, but she does come across rather grumpy. I guess I would too! So much change for a cat.
As in the title, I decided to go ahead and sign up for the Sioux City 1/2 Marathon. This was a part of the deal, of Kelli's Challenge. I can only hope to bring in a few more dollars! Next huge thing is the craft fair....we need crafts to sell.

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