Friday, August 21, 2009

An interesting world

This is Gorgeous, pretending to be scary as I walk down the stairs.

I have been taking care of cats and kittens for the past week. A lot of cats and kittens, but mostly kittens. Did you realized how messy kittens are? I didn't realize the extent until I had so many of them. We have the three that came from Hazel's yard, who are the sweetest kittens and should be ready to adopt out in another week or so. Then we have the two long hair ones that are about a month old. I was bottle feeding the dark gray one, Ruffian, and her brother was pretty independent. Then we got Velvet and her five kittens. She took in Ruffian and Renegade as her own kittens and has really taken care of them. I have Sadie back from being spayed and declawed as well. Whew! I clean the litter boxes at least twice a day and boy, do they go through the food! I am still bottle feeding Squiffy once or twice a day. He is in the habit of climbing up on my shoulder and falling asleep. I thoroughly enjoy that part of it!
I have an answer to Goldie's messy problem, ie peeing on the bed. She has a huge amount of crystals in her urine, which is fairly common in cats and most likely causes them to pee where they are not supposed to pee. So $300 later and two rounds of antibiotics, plus prescription cat food (grrr, a point of contention between me and the cats), she is still peeing on beds. I'm hoping another day will help a lot. This food is supposed to prevent the crystals from forming at all, so the problem SHOULD be eliminated. We shall see. My patience with Goldie is running short, but she really did have me at "meow". I don't know why I love this grumpy, crusty cat, but I do.

Beth had a meeting with our mayor, Mike Hobart, and I found that he is a very nice guy. I hadn't met him before and didn't really have any preconceived ideas, but Beth had to brag to him about my "Running for a Paws" campaign. I told him I was looking for another 12 pledges for $1 per mile for the last two races of the year ($35 per pledge) and I would run the full Sioux City Marathon. He pledged! That motivated me and I got five more pledges that day. So now I need a few more to meet my goal and help Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue save more animals!

I will be running my arsk off starting Monday or Tuesday. I will be starting the training to be able to complete 26.2 miles without hurting myself. I will not look for a specific finish time, although the competitor in me wants to beat the time I had before. Then the realistic person in me wants to tell that competitor to shut her pie-hole and realize that she's not in her 20's anymore and that THIS marathon has HILLS, unlike the past two.

Anyway, if you are reading this and feel like you could support my efforts, it will cost you $35 at the end of October and would make me very grateful. I appreciate all the support I have received from my friends, family, and especially from my husband!

Anyway, I think I need a new pair of hot pink running shoes from Peak Performance. The last pair I got have over 500 miles on them and I know, with all the extra miles going to be put on my feet, that I need new shoes. Maybe I should get a tatoo to go with it. Hey, my b-day is before this marathon, so me thinks this is a good for that design....and where to put it!

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