Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Race Went Well

I ran the Pioneer Days 5k in Sgt. Bluff on Saturday. What a steamer!!! It started at 9am, which was about an hour too late in my book (actually, I like to run about 6 am so it was 3 too late!). It was the hottest day of the year and was already 80 by the time the race started. The humidity was high as well, so it was tough on my non-humidity-tolerant lungs.
I had a goal in mind of 22 minutes but after the first mile, I knew that wasn't going to happen! There were 66 total runners and for the first time in my running history, I won the women's division! I finished in 23 minutes 30 seconds or thereabouts. There isn't chip timing so it's all done by hand. I knew there were two women close behind me and once I put my "kick it at the end of race" song by Kanye West on, I hauled it to the finish ahead of them. I came in about 10-12th overall, so I was happy with it. I did take my shoes and socks off immediately after and walked for about 10 minutes until I stopped pulsating since it was sooo hot and sweaty. My three boys were at the end cheering me on, so I was a very happy runner.
There was one thing I can complain about...there were no mile marker! Come on!!! I think I paced the first mile at 6.5 minutes so when I didn't see the mile marker where I expected one, I didn't slow down all that much....could have turned out to be a good thing, but I remember them there last year. I know it's a short race, but mile markers are really important to pace-dependent people like me.
Ok, there's one other thing.....there was a very nice man (he congratulated me at the end) who was running front of me when the wind was blowing past him, then into my nose. Ewww. I actually slowed down a little because I was going to gag. My goodness. I even remember him from last year. I don't quite get that level of stink, but then again, maybe he ate a head of garlic the night before or something!
Anyway, it's the best finish I've had in a race so no more complaining. My upper calves are strangely sore today. I am surprised since I run on hills and I figured I wasn't going THAT fast, so why should they hurt?
I didn't get a picture of me with my medal, but was trying to upload and it wouldn't take. Until next time! More adoption stories this week!!!!

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