Friday, August 7, 2009

Race on Saturday Morning

Bonnie & Clyde

Lovie is the orange kitten who loves to sit and be petted and purrrrrr.
Mrs. Park is to the lpretty gray one and was the cat we found (or found us) at Stone State Park on our first camping trip as a family. I'm scared to go back since the cat hotel has no vacancy!
Tomorrow morning marks my first race in quite a while. I feel bad that I have neglected the racing, but I was making a return trip last weekend instead of running the Mighty Mo, and spending lots of time with my boys on the other weekends. Oh well, no regrets!

The humidity came today so I shall be huffing and puffing my way through the flat and boring course at 9 am, which is too late for me. I love to run first thing so I am sure I'll get those typical cramps and get all crabby at the people in front of me. Sometimes I make the best observations when I am grumpy! Hopefully though, no one will be carrying loose change as the one guy did in Des Moines. That's still a head scratcher to me!

With a heavy heart, I will be taking my remaining kittens to Petsmart tomorrow. They may be returning Sunday if they don't get adopted, but I will miss them if they do. I just hope and pray they go to loving homes. I saw Mrs. Park today and she wasn't too upset at me..she let me pet her and she purred for me! The mom cat I have now is Sadie. She meows. All the time. I actually gave her a chill pill yesterday since she was driving me to put earplugs in. That can't be good for her, but she's just a tightly wound up cat. At least now. Some mom cats are just very different for a while (Goldie was for sure) even after the kittens have moved on.

Well, better go balance my check book and clean the litter box, my absolute favorite things to do! More updates after my race!

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