Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pics of the babies...

The picture on the top is the mom cat, Velvet meeting the orphan kitten Ruffian that I wrote about the last few times. She (yes, I confirmed it is a she) is thriving with her new family, as is her brother Renegade.
The next picture shows a little runt kitten sort of climbing on Velvet. Ruffian is the dark gray one and Renegade is the light grey one. I have bottle fed the runt of the family and I have named this on Squiffy. He's doing better than when they came to my house from Animal Control via the vet. If you are new to this blog, please read the last blog I had and it will explain the terrible conditions that the cats there are, I mean WERE subject to. Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue did in fact rescue the rest of the cats from Animal Control yesterday. The only one they couldn't take is a quarantined cat, who was quarantined because it scratched someone. Ohhhh, a cat who scratches? It's like babies that cry, it's gonna happen. Anyway, I assume this cat will be rescued when it comes available.
Velvet and her brood are in a room now and are really settling in. She is happy, purring, and is very affectionate. They are quite a mess, but it's so worth seeing that they are happy and healthy and not starving anymore! Oh, such is the life of a cat rescuer...

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