Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to Iowa

Well, our vacation has finally come to a close. We left Wilmington (yes, she will always have my heart) this morning and are leaving Charlotte Tuesday morning. We will fly to Atlanta for a 3 hour layover and then hopefully get to Kansas City around 2pm, ready for our long drive back to Sioux City. It has been so much fun and memorable. Very memorable. So thank you to our hosts. Thank you to Randee and Chip, Wayne and Nancy, Stuart and Allison. We love you!
At least I busted my rear to clean my house before I left. Hopefully the cats didn't have a keg party and destroy it out of anger that we left them and turned the air conditioner up to 82!
I did finally get back and jogged for an hour this morning. It felt great except for misplacing myself in Randee's huge-ass subdivision. Oh well, nothing like running on the highway to get back to square one! It was funny that I can't remember simple things like the street that I turned from after only about 15 minutes.
Back to fundraising and cat issues!!

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