Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some adoptions and fundraising!

The left picture is of Max and Marie playing with Goldie Girl's tail. She is such a fun cat and I hope she finds a home soon! She is special...very special to me, but she doesn't get along with my cats now, so I don't feel it's right to interrupt their quality of life for Goldie. I'm trying to figure out a way to make it work, but she's aggressive towards Bailey and Tigger and it's just not fair that they are scared to come out of my room! Plus, I'm tired of having a litter box in my room- oh the things I do for these cats I love! Hmmmm, maybe I should get her declawed....
Thank you so much to Buffalo Alice, who donated $100 for my cause! We appreciate it so much!!!! I am also thankful to Chili's, who will donate 10% of receipts with our fundraising vouchers back to us. This will be the entire day on July 2nd, so MARK YOUR CALENDARS, GET A VOUCHER, and DINE AT CHILI'S in Sioux City!

Max and Marie, my two little tabby kittens pictured above, were adopted yesterday, along with some other cats that I don't have pictures of. Montana, the beautiful calico that I fostered about a month ago was adopted as well. Some kittens were also sent to rescue last weekend, plus Paw Prints is at Petsmart full time- that always helps adoption numbers! I'm so happy that they were adopted as they were all great cats and deserved loving homes!

It has been yet another busy week for me personally, but I am trying to get a few huge projects done before my family leaves for North Carolina on Thursday of next week. I will continue to write this blog and be on Facebook, plus I plan to run a race at Lake Wylie, S. Carolina next Saturday. I've taken it pretty easy this week but my right leg has been hurting more. I don't quite understand that, but it could always be due to the long and fast run from last weekend in Des Moines. I hope to run 8 miles at least three days this week, travel on Thursday, then have a short run on Friday before the race on Saturday. I guess writing about it reminds me to sign up for it! Thanks Blog!
Paw Prints is still not communicating appropriately with Animal Control at this time. I don't know if they are finding homes for all their cats or are taking the route from before Paw Prints took the cats who were about to be euthanized. It totally breaks my heart and I have to sort of put it in the back of my mind or I would be heading straight to the doctor for some sedatives and anti-anxiety meds(for me, not the cats!). I have learned far more than I thought I would but I do have to concentrate on the main goal....stop the madness and raise money for spay/neuter clinics so there aren't cats and dogs at Animal Control to euthanize. It is possible. We just have to work together to make it happen. It's hard to not try and do everything all at once, but then you lose sight on the overall goal. Hopefully, the cats and dogs who have sacrificed their lives at the hands of Animal Control will have something to show for it soon. I will keep you posted!
Happy weekend!!!!

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