Saturday, June 13, 2009

Race in Lake Wylie, S. Carolina

Pictures of the Lake Wylie Splash Dash 2009
*Click on any picture to enlarge... and sorry if they aren't in the right order....when I post, things get screwy.
Picture top left: Andy and my self portrait after the race. Say CHEESE!
Next picture to right: 1st water stop. Boy Scouts were handing out water and there was plenty of it. THANK YOU!!!!!
2nd Picture from right: Every runner's favorite thing- the FINISH LINE!
Top right picture: Pasture and horses at the start/finish area....I was hoping to pet one but they were busy eating.
Picture to left: View of golf course along the race course...beautiful!

This morning Andy and I went to beautiful Lake Wylie, South Carolina, to run in the Splash Dash. What a wonderful lake and race! I have to mention early that I raised about $50 for Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue- thank you pledges! I did get a few comments about my "Running for a Paws" shirt so I hope I have a few new followers today! We got there a little early but because of the unknowns, we would have rather been early than late. The race started at 8am, with the 5k and 10k runners starting together, then the 5k walkers starting a few minutes later. It was a beautiful and sunny morning with lots of humidity, which we aren't used to any more! It wasn't overwhelming though and Andy and I both had good finishes. I ran my 10k in just over 50 minutes and Andy ran the 5k in just over 25 minutes. We were very happy with those times, especially considering the hilly terrain-for what we're used to anyway! We ran on the road looping through the neighborhood touching the lake. I did see several "For Sale" signs on houses I was passing and it sure made me want to research a little! Ha! No, Iowa friends, we aren't moving back here...yet anyway! :) I was very pleased to place first in my age group, now 35-39, and 7th of all women, and 39th overall. I got to go up and receive my blue medal at the awards ceremony, which is always good after running hard! I was also pleased that I did not have the typical stomach pains. I think it was due to eating a large amount late last night and being too tired for nerves. I will have to redo my race planning from now on as it was great to finish hard and fast instead of waiting to spew chunks at the finish line!
I do have several comments to make about the race and you'll be happy to know that no one ran with loose change this time! Haha! I did see a new fashion trend of women wearing what looks like tennis skirts. I don't know what is underneath but I'm confused. They look great but I would think they would sort of get in the way. I know my legs would chafe if I didn't have shorts on....oh well, very interesting. I saw a cute girl wearing some Princess Lea buns (although much smaller than the actual princess) and some low pigtails that I would like to try if my hair ever decides to start growing again! The guy who won the 10k in 38 minutes ran with his pit bull. What a trooper! She was one tired dog but boy, was she in shape. The young age group winner of the men's 10k was a very young man who had a huge stride. It looked a little uncomfortable to me- almost like loping, but he ran very fast and did great. One more comment about a pretty quick guy who had legs that looked like the Muppet Beaker. Remember the scientist guys helper who couldn't really talked and only said "Mbeep"? Anyway, his legs immediately made me think of Beaker. I do have to say to the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce: Job well done, keep it up and if we can make it back in June of next year, we sure will try and make the race as well! It was worth it, so thank you! The ice cream was an especially good treat for someone who's not used to sweating for another 30 minutes after the race is complete! Yummmy!
Here's more about our adventure vacation:
We got to North Carolina on Thursday. That event deserves an entire blog to itself, so more about the travel later! Let's just say that it was a stressful situation that could have turned into a nightmare. But we did feel like we waited all day......not fun but we got here safely and that's what matters.
Our neice, Ashlee, graduated from high school last night, so we watched that. Very proud as she's the first neice or nephew to graduate from high school. The next oldest is only 11, so it will be a few more years before we get another one! Power to the Kerkhoffs! It was a late night and we got the boys to bed at 11:30pm! They are both napping now!
In just a little bit, we (our little family of four plus Andy's parents) are meeting Andy's brother and wife plus three boys and his other brother, wife, daughter (the one who just graduated) and her boyfriend. We are going to have a late lunch/early dinner then go to a park to have family pictures taken. I think we will be back home early to get some really tired boys to bed! Tomorrow the boys are going to stay overnight with their cousins, which is great since two of the cousins are the same age as our boys plus one who's 11. They will have a great time together! Andy and I and his parents will be heading to dinner then seeing Phantom of the Opera. It's been while since I have seen this show so am looking forward to it!
I hope to post some adoption updates soon but haven't heard from Beth...I know she's swamped right now.

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