Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm irritated

I just spend half an hour blogging and adding interesting pictures and my *^#$%$ computer made windows quit. This is going to be short because the boys want to go for a walk. Here's a picture of the coolest animal at the "zoo" we went to in S. Carolina. I won't be returning for reasons that I blogged about that are now wiped out, but anyway, I must continue.

First of all, HAPPY TEN ANNIVERSARY to the love of my life!!!!!!!! Hopefully I don't look like the animal in this picture when I get up in the morning!!! :)

Second, thank you Sherri and Bill for your generous donation. Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue appreciates it more than they can express! This brings the total to $1522, not including the approximate $500 pledged at the end of October.

Third, I have Goldie Girl back at my house. I really missed her and want to make our household a nice and peaceful one. It doesn't seem to be starting off that way, so I'm researching making these cats get along.
I will be posting more than I have been. The vacation has been fun but must get back to work!

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