Friday, June 19, 2009

The beach part of vacation

Here is my new look and me and my boys at the beach. Maybe the glasses are a little bit too big?? haha! Tyler is off with his Aunt Randee (DeeDee) and Uncle Chip to the snake zoo. It's actually called the Serpentarium. Yuck. He's been looking forward to it for a long time and it's good for him to spend some time alone with his aunt and uncle. He is thoroughly enjoying the ocean. He loves to just play in the water and Ryan is loving the sand. Ryan got knocked by some large waves yesterday so he's not too thrilled with being in the ocean. He entertained himself in the sand for two hours this morning while Tyler played in the water. I am enjoying getting some fun time with my sister, her hubby, and my little family. It' svery relaxing and we are trying not to schedule everything like it was in Charlotte for the first part of the vacation.
I have taken a few days off from running as well, which isn't normal for me and I'm actually having a little bit of difficult time NOT running. I think it's more important to get some good sleep and spend time together. There's so many miles of sidewalks to run on when we get home and things get back to normal. Who knows, I'll probably go out for a jog on Monday before we get in the car for four hours then travel the majority of the day on Tuesday. Thank goodness for salads and Diet Coke!
Well, Ryan was supposed to be napping but isn't so we may take off and go do something....maybe not!
As for Paw Prints, Beth said that there have been 26 adoptions from June 1st until June 17th. They have most of the adoptable cat "supply" down, which means that some abandoned cats will be dropping from the sky as the supply never stays slow. People are seeking Paw Prints out instead of leaving them with Animal Control, where they will almost certainly be euthanized, because that is what Animal Control does. Don't get me started!
I am going to put my newly exfoliated feet up and rest a little before heading out shortly. Walking in the sand is about the best pedicure ever, and so cheap!!!

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