Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A great run yesterday and kittens galore!

After last week's disaster run, I was hesitant about being optimistic for my long run this past Monday. I was very careful about what I ate and drank on Sunday, and I am happy to report that my 18 mile run yesterday morning was a great success. If that doesn't speak volumes to take better care of myself before running, I don't know what does! It was nice and cool that morning and I ate a piece of bread before starting out at 4:48 am. I finished in time to take a shower and drink a smoothie on the way taking Tyler to school at 8:05 am. I think the actual finish time was 2 hours and 50 minutes, which I am very happy about. No barfing, cramping but just good ole' running! What a good feeling that my "bad" run didn't repeat itself.
I will not be doing a long run next week as the Race for Hope, a wonderful fundraiser for the June E. Nylen Cancer Center here in Sioux City, is this Saturday. I will not be wearing my Running for a Paws shirt.... This is a 9-something mile run on rocks and with the long runs this week, I am not going for time, I am going to enjoy myself. Yes, I always say that, but this time, I hope it is true! It is at the Adams Nature Preserve at McCook Lake, SD, and it is a beautiful place to be.
As for kittens, I had 4.5 as of this afternoon. Lovie is sort of a kitten, sort of an adult, so that is the reason for the ".5". She will be spayed next week as she will be 5 months old and we want to have her spayed before she gets adopted to absolutely prevent her from getting preggo and adding more kittens to the already overpopulated kitten world. She's such a darling and I hope she finds a wonderful home this time...she deserves it. She has the loudest purr ever and she curls up in Andy's lap when he studies at night.
I got two more bigger kittens this afternoon. I don't quite understand the circumstances, but they are going to be vaccinated tomorrow and will go to Petsmart this weekend and will hopefully find great homes. They're scared, but we'll give them a day and hope they realize that we are just trying to help them!
I made a mistake and let my boys watch the last part of Homeward Bound today before supper. We watched the first part last night and I thought I needed to get some consignment sale things done, so let them finish it today. I told the boys that it would end up ok, since my oldest tends to get a little emotional and cry over things that end up ok. So who was the one blubbering at the end???? ME! That's right, as the old dog crosses over the top of the hill and wags his tail all happy-like when he finally finds his boy, I just lost it! It makes me think of all the dogs waiting for their people to return but never do...they just wonder what they did wrong. Grrrr, now I feel like I need to own several acres and have all the dogs come and live with us.
Meltdown central at home so need to finish. Pictures tomorrow.

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