Monday, September 7, 2009

A Pretty Terrible Long Run Today

I have never thrown up after running....until today. I don't know if it was a factor of not having the best habits over the weekend or because it was later in the day and a lot warmer than usual or what. I am not a good "warm weather" runner. Never have been and don't plan to try. I didn't think it was too warm when I left and actually, not when I got back either. I struggled to finish 17 miles in 3 hours-I walked quite a bit in the last three miles. Ugh, and after such a great feeling last week! I just assume that it was everything all in one...not preparing enough, warm weather, and afternoon running. I won't do that again. I drank some PowerAde when I got home. For some crazy reason, I got the kind that doesn't have sugar in it. I got a ball in my stomach after I downed some and then had to go barf. I did again about 15 minutes later and then was done. My wonderful hubby was nice enough to get me some real Gatorade so I drank about half of that and started eating some carbs. I feel fine now and hope that I don't go through that again! Advice is welcome.....very very welcome!
On the cat notes, all the cats are feeling better. We got Lovie back from her "owner". Evidently, she was going poo where she wasn't supposed to. We will see the state of our basement in the morning to see if she gets it here. I have five litter boxes for the cats to use. I want to be sure they know where to go and that they can't get lazy and use the floor if they're too busy playing and need to go. I hope she is fine here so we can take her back to Petsmart this weekend for our adoption fair. She is playing with the kittens that we have here so it is good for her to be in a good environment.
Well, better get some sleep. This girl is tired!

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