Sunday, September 27, 2009

Need donations for Merry

A day in the life of an animal rescue....
Last week, a woman called Beth with Paw Prints about a cat that had gotten hit by a car the previous day. This cat, a 3 year old calico, drug herself off the road and tried to get under a fence. The lady had given her food and water, but the cat was too injured to eat or drink. When Beth got to the cat, she was in shock and very hurt. Beth took her to the vet and because Paw Prints wasn't the actual owner, the vet could only stabilize her. Then, Beth went back to where the cat was hit, and knocked on doors for several blocks in each direction to try and find the cat's rightful owner. No one claimed the cat, although Beth thinks she found the owner, but never heard from them after leaving detailed messages on their door. On Wednesday, the cat was deemed abandoned and became the property of Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue. She had surgery to repair her broken leg. She also had scratches and broken toes. I went to see her on Thursday and got a picture of her. What a feisty thing, to require this collar around her, but she had already eaten the prior bandage off her leg. She was doing well and was released on Friday afternoon to her new foster parents, who live in a quiet home where she can recover.

I am asking for donations to cover the expense of the surgery for the cat, now named Merry Christmas. Kris named her that since she will be recovered in time to have a very Merry Christmas. How sweet!
Please email me at or call Beth at 253-4099 to make a donation. They can also be made at Pioneer Bank. All are tax deductible and so very much appreciated and needed!

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