Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Labor-free Labor Day!

It was difficult to lose Sunshine. I know these things happen. Now Squiffy is pretty sick with a nasty eye which is probably related to his very bad cold. I never knew cats could be congested and get runny noses. We were gone for almost two days and had a friend check on them and give Renegade medicine for his bad eye, but sometimes they come on in a matter of hours. There's nothing more I could have done for crying out loud. I just hope he comes through it because he is a very special kitten to me and my youngest son. He says, "Mom, Squiffy is my cat and I am his boy." What could be more precious than that?
All the other kittens are doing well except for this bad eye things that is rotating. I thought we had conquered it, but evidently not with the inspection today. Ugh.

I have gotten another pledge and now I only need three more people to pledge $35 to benefit Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue. Because I want to show my dedication to SPPR, I am running the Race for Hope at the Adams Nature Preserve and the FULL Siouxland Lewis & Clark Marathon on October 17th. I will not be wearing my "Running for a Paws" shirt for the Race for Hope as this is the run for cancer and I refuse to take one tiny ounce away from what they are doing and saying for cancer for my own cause. Thank the Lord I haven't had to personally deal with cancer. Hopefully forever but you never know.
We went away to Ponca for almost two days this weekend. We saw the biggest tree I think I have ever seen (except for the one at Boone Plantation in Charleston, SC, but not sure how old that one is). The tree was a sapling in 1644. Wow! It is pictured above. I never knew that place was so pretty so I suspect we will be returning next year ready to hike. When we got home, we found the front of our house defaced by a Florida State flag. I believe I know the perp who did it and all I have to say is: I know where you live.

I made some spinach artichoke dip when we got home as well, and I have to say that it is light on the dip, heavy on the spinach. I could have done better and expect more from my culinary skills. At least we're getting our veggies in this way! Just a random thought: what is it with boys and lasers....mine are obsessed with it and I have no idea how or why.

I am not sure if I will do a long (17 mile) run on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday this week. I will get one in, but there's a lot going on. I love taking some time off and just being with my wonderful hubby and boys, so I feel that running Tuesday or Wednesday will work fine. My 3 year old will start preschool on Tuesday and we're nervous about that, but he will probably do better than I expect. I hope anyway!

More updates after that long-awaited long run!

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