Sunday, May 3, 2009

More adoptions yesterday

There were two more adoptions yesterday! My southern belle kitty Savannah was pre-adopted and another cat that Beth has was as well. That made five adoptions yesterday!!!! Go, Paw Prints, go!! There are so many more available- great cats who deserve a loving home...
See Savannah at left with her brother at Petsmart yesterday. She cashed out and was sleeping with her mouth open after wrestling with her siblings.

I went for a nice jog this morning. Ahhhh, the sun was shining, birds were singing, flowers were blooming, my nose was running....oh, the darned allergy season! BUT, was a beautiful day for a run and I look forward to a lot more this week. I have a race in two weeks, a 10k in Orange City for the Tulip Festival. Then I will be heading to Des Moines for the Dam to Dam 20k on May 30th. That is almost a half marathon, so I'll have to add a few more miles to my training, but I feel like I'm strong enough now to do it. It will be a fun race and I am hoping my dear friend Sonia will be running her first 5k that day! I'm so excited for her and am glad that I will be there to cheer for her as she crosses the finish line. I think my hubby is running too. It should be a great day for running as long as it's not raining! Look for me in my "Running for a Paws" shirt.

For those of you who are not familiar with Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue, it was started in 2008 by Beth Storm and Kris Kava. They both couldn't stand that Animal Control was euthanizing 4,000 cats and dogs each year, so they decided to stop the madness. They are in the business of saving these animals and almost more importantly, preventing the birth of even more cats and dogs by having all that come through Paw Prints spayed and neutered. I am a volunteer for them and I am trying to raise $5000 to sponsor a spay and neuter clinic.

Because of Beth and Kris, there have been ZERO adoptable cats euthanized by animal control this year. Paw Prints has also adopted over 100 cats this year as well. If you can, please donate to help the cause (funds and supplies are always needed), and volunteers are needed as well.

Thank you for reading and please pass this blog address along to your friends, family, co-workers, whoever! Paw Prints is also on Facebook, so please be our Friend! You will be updated on what is going on.

Thank you again!

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