Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh, what shall I ponder...too many things!

I am at a loss today of what I can say. There's some very nasty, sad, unethical things going on with an organization closely associated with Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue. I never thought I would be in the position of being an "activist" but I feel as if I have no choice.
There is a conflict going on between Paw Prints and Sioux City Animal Control. Paw Prints has usually received several dogs and cats from Animal Control. The fate of the animals, if Paw Prints didn't take them, would be death. I have always said that Paw Prints has saved so many lives and now they are being stopped from taking these dogs and cats, at the brink of death, to find them homes. There has always been a conflict of personalities with these organizations, but it has gone so far that Animal Control will refuse to surrender cats to Paw Prints and would rather kill these innocent animals than to give them the option of life. It hurts to hear what Beth is telling me; she and Kris are just devesated at the behavior of Animal Control. It goes against the grain of my very being. I have to do something as it's not fair, not right, and should not be allowed to continue. Animal Control is funded by taxpayers and they are behaving like children, yet they have the power to decide if these dogs and cats can live. They choose for the animals to die. After being shoved in a cage with several others like them. Because it doesn't matter how they are treated because they are to be killed anyway. Because they didn't like something that Kris said. Grow up, Animal Control.
The good thing is that people are coming to Paw Prints when they have found cats or dogs or if they can't keep their animals anymore. I hope, beyond all hopes, that Animal Control can be bypassed and these poor creatures will come into the warm hands of Paw Prints and find a loving home.
I guess I will be losing another night's sleep because of Animal Control. I have to make sense of it and sort out what to do next. I have been called to help....please keep checking back and if you have comments, please email me.
On a good note, two kittens were found and given to the vet that Paw Prints works with. They came home with me for a night but they needed a mother. So my past foster, Montana, has two new babies! The one baby was just terrified and cried all night. He calmed down as soon as he met Montana. The second baby wasn't as scared but she seemed quite content when she was introduced to Montana.
Montana's babies that I have posted pictures of, Savannah, Brooklyn, Frisco, and Jackson, were with her still and have grown so much! That frisky Brooklyn will have to have an owner with a lot of patience, but wow, is he a lot of fun! The others are great too, of course, and I hope they find homes on Saturday at Petsmart. Goldie will be there as well and she just needs a great home. She is such a wonderful cat and deserves a perfect home. I would keep her if she got along with my two current cats.
That is all for now....I shall ponder my activist activities!

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