Monday, May 25, 2009

A wonderful holiday

Thank you to all the people, past, present, and future (my good friend's son is one) who have served the country to make it what it is, a free country. That's what today is all about, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart to all of you!
I have attached a video of Goldie totally teasing the two kittens, Max and Marie, with her tail. I have no idea why it is sideways and so dark, but it's pretty cute. She is still taking care of them like she's their mom. She even lets them pretend to nurse from her. I say pretend because they couldn't get anything from her no matter how hard they try! My wish for them is to be adopted together...they eat together, sleep together, and play together and it would hurt to have to separate them.
I haven't written much lately but as I said the the last post, I have been personally swamped. Part of it is because I am cleansing my life. I have two little boys, six and three, and I do not work outside the home. My job is to be there for them and create the best home I can for them. Other things were getting in the way and making it difficult for me to be the best mom that I can. I have purged a few extras I was doing, plus we are doing some home renovations, on our own! Thank goodness my husband is a handy man and I can paint! I have also been trying to help Paw Prints with their paperwork, so that has been quite an undertaking, but with my help, they have more time to devote to the animals.
I am thrilled to get a donation last week from Nancy G., and some of my friends donated to the fund that will purchase microchips at a hugely discounted rate. I still need to work on that fund, plus meet with some restaurants about fundraising. I think I can breathe this week, but I usually say that every week and it turns out busy. Thank goodness we can get outside though- summer is a-comin'!
I was also thrilled to know that I do have readers. You never can tell who is reading this and who isn't, so Bobbi, you inspired this blog! Thank you! I hope to meet you in Des Moines this weekend as well!
I am playing with one of the foster kittens now. They are so sweet and fun. I saw one of those mini cameras you can attach to pets to see the world from their view. I would LOVE one of those, but mostly, I would appreciate the cats' commentary! How interesting the world must be to them.
Well, we have another fun cookout to go to, so better get ready!
Happy Memorial Day....

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