Monday, May 18, 2009

More fosters & kitten adopted

The kitten who was adopted on Saturday was my little black one with white boots. I named him Brooklyn but Beth renamed him Speedy, which suited him better! What a frisky kitten! I hope he is happy and behaves! I have Goldie back and she is as happy as ever. She needs to be adopted into a home without other cats, or at least older cats. She was so angry at Petsmart and in the kennel at Beth's until I got her yesterday. I don't understand since she is such a good and fun cat here. We're getting new carpet so she's locked in the bathroom with two more foster kittens that were given to Paw Prints at Petsmart on Saturday. THANK GOODNESS the prior owner knew of Paw Prints or they would have been taken to Animal Control and we all know how I feel about Animal Control. They are about 8 weeks old and are cute as can be. They were very timid and now they are zipping around like normal kittens. Goldie is growling at them while licking them. Once a mom, always a mom! They're fine though so at least she can do something besides try to get outside while the guys are working on carpet.

What's up with this wacky weather??? It's cold yesterday and almost 90 today? No complaints as it was pointed out to me that it IS Iowa. I know.

Paw Prints was inspected by the State of Iowa today and got an EXCELLENT. Way to go Beth!!!!

I'm working on their neverending paperwork so thought I would update you on my little baby who got adopted. One by one, we're trying to get there. Now it's getting grants to be able to hold a low-income spay and neuter clinic. That's how it starts to begin to end this madness of the overpopulation of cats and dogs. As I've said before, euthanizing is NOT the solution!

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