Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some good things, some bad things

I will start this out as the day occurred.....
I went to Orange City for the 10k this morning. It was fffffrrrreeezzzziiiinnnnngggg! I think everyone else agreed that it seemed as if it should have felt warmer than what it was. I would have worn a little extra layer. I did wear my "Running for a Paws" shirt though and did plenty of running and shivering in it! I finished the 6.2 miles in 48 minutes 21 seconds. Yet again, my stomach was really hurting for about three miles or more, so it was difficult to speed it up (I could have but thought it was best to avoid barfing). It was less than 8 minute mile, so I guess I am happy about that, BUT because I am competitive, I was hoping for a 45 minute or less finish. I know I can do that under the best circumstances, but I always seem to have stomach aches when I do races. Nerves, GO AWAY!
I am very happy with this time, nonetheless, so no complaining (ok, maybe a little), plus I raised about $50 for Paw Prints. That's the whole point of it!
Next subject...Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue. An update on my little dog I rescued from Animal Control. He has a new home!!!! He was unofficially adopted (although I assume they assume it is official) by the foster mom's parents. They helped her out during one of her long work shifts and fell in love with him. They are absolutely enamored with him, so I do have to say "job well done" by everyone involved. It does take a village!
There was one kitten adoption today at Petsmart. It's absolutely devestating and Beth has even lowered prices to get the cats moving out, but there is just an influx of cats available...from Paw Prints, everyone. I heard Animal Control has 50-60 cats now, so I can only imagine what is the fate of them.....but the hardest part is that Paw Prints couldn't help, even if they wanted to! There's not enough space, foster homes, adoptive families, money to vet. Many of the Animal Control cats have the respiratory virus, plus they need rabies and spayed/neutered. Sometimes I wish I didn't know what was going on, but now that I do....well, here I am, trying to make a, difference.
Please, I beg you, if you want to adopt a cat, let us know....get your cats/dogs spayed and neutered so we don't continue the problem, get your animal vetted to prevent disease and help keep them healthy.
Now, the day was supposed to be a work day in the morning, then a family day. I had written on an earlier blog that my oldest was going to be in a football camp with the indoor football team, Sioux City Bandits. So he did that and we wanted to go to the game. After a nice family dinner out, we went to the stadium and Tyler was going to be going out on the field with a Bandit when they players were announced. He did that, and after the National Anthem, he and the rest of the kids were supposed to come back to where we were, which was the endzone area. Well, we waited and he didn't show up. Yes, a personal nightmare of mine came true tonite, but it did have a happy ending. It took us about ten/fifteen minutes to find out that Tyler was on the upper level on the other side of the stadium than we were. He thought the ladies from the Bandits told him to go up the stairs (and knowing Tyler, that's exactly what he heard-he is a very good direction follower). So a very nice lady who works at Tyson, helped him calm down when he couldn't find us. I, on the other hand, freaked out. Completely. I never felt that way and hope to never feel that way again. Tyler didn't come back with the other kids and I, knowing how many sick, deranged people are out there, imagined that he was taken from the line coming back, and was whisked away to become part of a cult in Texas or Idaho. (Sorry Texans and Idahoans, nothing personal.) You never think you'll feel that way, but when it happens and you're terrified, you get into MOTHER mode. I didn't know if I would be the type to be "deer in headlights" or something like that, but I found out that I take action, I do scream and make a scene. I kept asking the Tyson people where he was, make an announcement NOW so he could hear it, but they didn't. Tyler was returned to me, or rather, I found him with a Tyson employee, but they sure could have done more. What the heck are all those RADIOS for???????
Do I have to be an advocate for this now??????????? Come on, I am already running my legs off and fostering, raising money and awareness for Paw Prints, but now I have to make sure Tyson Events Center has a protection program for kids that get away from their parents?? Yes, I was told that this has never happened, but it did to me and they did not react in the way that would prevent some friggin pervert from taking my son. So now I have even more to do..... come on, let's be proactive and not just reactive!!! Is it going to take someone's kid being taken or hurt??? I just don't get it.. don't get it at all, so my hubby and I will be making some phone calls this week. I'm not blaming anyone, just need to be sure that there's a plan for a reaction if something like this happens to someone again. It sure won't be happening to me. That poor kid won't be out of my sight for another five years!
Good news, bad news, my babies are in their beds asleep and I am lucky enough to be sleeping in the next room, in peace. Thank you God.

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