Monday, April 6, 2009

Donations Kleenex please!!!!

The mom cat Goldie is currently meowing at me, probably saying "What did I do to make you take me away?". Oh, it stinks, but I can't have them here when no one is going to be here and no one that I want to bother enough to ask to check up on them a few times a day. So they're going to Beth's (co-founder of Paw Prints Rescue) and will hopefully be pre-adopted this weekend so I don't bring a few back home and then "accidentally" forget to take them to Petsmart for the big adoption week at the end of April. I think my husband and Beth know better! I have totally fallen head over paws for Snickers, so if she's not pre-adopted this weekend, I might have a household of three cats instead of "just" two. There's just something about that cat!
The kittens meow at me and climb all over me when I come into their room. I won't miss the specific kitty odor, but I will miss their meows and loving looks and tiny scratches on my hands from playing. I just stopped a minute to go talk baby talk to a few yellow kittens and one gently patted me on the nose, then attacked her brother. They prance out to see me and many times, I have six of them on my legs and/or back, just crawling and playing.
My one wish is that they find loving homes. And selfishly, I hope they don't remember me and think that I left them.....
By the way, the one thing I am allergic to is cats. I found out when I was pregnant with my 2nd son. Something was driving me crazy and since I couldn't take my "good" meds, I was stuck with basically kleenex and zyrtec, which didn't do anything for me. It's gotten better at my son has gotten older so maybe, just maybe I will grow out of being allergic to them? After playing so much with them today and my currently itchy face, I doubt that dream will come true.

Anyway, to a HUGE development, I received donations of $162 just today. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all you donors. This makes my total funds raised to be $942 NOT including the pledges. Awesome!!!! Thanks to Dawn B., Rachel and Ryan S., my husband's brother and wife-Stuart and Allison, and my blog follower Linda M. You rock!!!!

Well, I'm sure I'll have more to post about the babies leaving (yes, the mom cat too-she's way cool and will make someone a wonderful house cat) tomorrow. I will have my kleenex in hand.

By the way, I ran 6 miles this morning while watching Nights in Rodanthe (sp). I enjoyed the movie and actually ran an extra mile so I could get past the hurricane scene. Do they end up together????? I shall see in the morning!

**Note: Movie was ok. That's all.

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