Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Story of Thomas and Updates

If I didn't mention it before, I am looking for your dog and cat stories....please email me your stories of how you rescued your animals. I am hoping to write them here and can omit your name or not, whatever you wish. So comment away or send me a personal email with your story!

You'll be happy to know that two of my kittens, Snickers and Tigger, were adopted to wonderful homes. I was still considering keeping Snickers, but I'm happy to know that she'll be in a great new home. I will be getting the mom cat, Goldie, back for a few weeks until her surgery, then she will be up for adoption. Well, actually she's available but can't be actually given until she is spayed.

We got another donation from Maggie and Whitey F., so thank you!!!

Regarding my last blog about my dog PJ, I completely forgot to mention that my sister is a huge and avid animal lover and she tried for over a month to find PJ a home before she called animal control. She has always tried to find all those homeless animals homes, but I just neglected to mention it! It all worked out so I'm guessing that it was just the way it was supposed to work out! We've always joked that stray dogs and cats have an internal radar system that points directly to her!

Speaking of my sister, she has a nice story to tell about her rescue cat Thomas, who is now 15. Here it is, in her words, so thank you to my dear sister, Randee!
My story of Thomas:
It was Thanksgiving of 1995 and I walked across the street to dig up a pine tree in the woods. I heard a teensy mew and looked down in time to see this little tabby kitten climbing up my jeans. He hasn’t left my side ever since. Our neighbor told me that Thomas had been abandoned in the neighborhood with his brothers and sisters and while an unkind neighbor took the rest of them and dumped them in another neighborhood, Thomas eluded his capture. Smart kitty! I took Tom home and gave him kitten food and water. He was so hungry and ate until I walked off to do more gardening. He followed me everywhere around the garden and would only eat if I went to the bowl with him and stayed until he was done. There started my little guardian cats career of following and protecting me everywhere I go. He spent many an evening tucked into my sweater and many days dragging my undergarments through the house. But he grew up and started protecting me. He caught an adult bird when he was still tiny and dragged the thing up the sidewalk, dragging it because it was twice his size. Then came the snakes. He would catch small copperheads and water moccasins and leave them at the door. He even left a few for our neighbors. Since they were poisonous, nobody ever objected.

He’s also sensitive. If I raise my voice with another person or my husband, he’ll sit in between us and start a fight with another cat. He’ll get a strained look on his face if he can tell I’m upset. If I stay outside all day and he thinks it’s time to go inside because he’s tired, he’ll start meowing at me, walk to the door, look back to see if I’m following, and repeat until I finally go inside. He won’t go in without me. My dog was very rambunctious as a puppy and would accidentally hurt me. I would yelp and Thomas would jump on the dog and ride him like a pony to make sure Mom didn’t get hurt again. Thomas is getting older now, but hasn’t slowed down much. He still follows me everywhere and makes sure my toes are dry when I get out of the shower. He sleeps on his own pillow at the head of the bed and occasionally goes past touching me and lays his head on mine, fang digging into my head and all.
He also loves his Dad. He will sit and stare at him for hours until Dad acknowledges and pets him. If Dad raises his voice at him, he sulks until they make up. The last episode lasted for 3 days until I begged Chip to make up with Thomas because Thomas wouldn’t even let me sooth him. He was angry with me and with the other cats until Chip talked lovingly to him and pet him and all was suddenly fine. Go figure. We’re hoping to get another home soon so he can have a great sunroom and fenced backyard for him to enjoy. Our move won’t be complete until he is happy and settled in somewhere. For nearly 15 years he’s always been there and I can’t imagine a day without him.

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