Monday, April 20, 2009

Goldie is sick

Dear Blog Followers,
Just wanted to post and say that my wonderful momma cat Goldie, is very sick. I got her back last week and she started getting sick almost immediately. I guess it's very common for momma cats since taking care of those babies takes so much out of them. She raised 7 very healthy babies and she wasn't a big cat to begin with, so no wonder!
I had no idea cats could get colds, but she started sneezing, then was stuffed up and now is even more stuffed up and isn't eating like she should. I'm taking her to the vet this afternoon to get her what she needs. She is already on some antibiotic to prevent infection. Colds are serious in cats.
This is yet another reason why cats should be immunized. They should also be spayed, but not to take away from the beautiful lives she created, but to prevent this from happening again and again and again. We could very well lose Goldie due to her irresponsible owner not taking proper care of her. It's just not fair.
On another note, I will be getting a new batch of kittens along with their mom. I hope this litter does as well as Goldie's did, with a happier ending with the mom cat. I'll post pictures when I get her settled in.
As for my running, I'm trying to get more races scheduled and picked out. I ran 7 miles this morning and flew on the last mile. No wonder I wanted to stop and barf!! :) I think it was a tad less than 6 minutes for the mile; mind you, it IS down a slight hill, so I could never do it that fast the other way, but I was very pleased and was in disbelief when I saw my watch when I was done. Go, Speedy, Go!!!
More updates on the cats as I get them.

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