Friday, April 24, 2009

Goldie is getting better-NEWS!

My Goldie girl is getting better. She's still not up to par and the vet said they can seem better then take a turn for the worse, but she's eating so much better and has been zipping up and down the stairs with me. She does follow me around like a puppy!
She is available for adoption.......well, pre-adoption since we won't release her to a new home until she has been spayed and we can't do that until she is healthy.
Here's pics of the kittens. They are a blast and I love them dearly. They are also available for pre-adoption and the kittens will be released very soon!
There's going to be some news later today or this weekend, so be sure to check back in!

I am continuing my running and seem to be getting in much better shape. My five mile runs seem so easy now and I've been finishing the last mile in around 6 minutes. Too bad I can't do three miles at that pace!
Check back soon for my recent news and updates!!!

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