Thursday, April 2, 2009

Race on Saturday, Pledges and Donations, Sean and Rita in the AM

The 10 mile race is on Saturday. Watch for me in my "Running for a Paws" shirt, or at least I plan to unless I will be running in my snow suit! It starts around Bev's on the River at 10am. The forecast looks bad but I'm trying to stay positive. I will be running in the rain/snow/wind, whatever it throws at me. Some of the reasons are listed a little later. As I have said before, I am not good enough to be a competitive runner for these races. I do like to place in my age group, so watch out all you 35-39 year olds. :) Not really. I run based on how I feel and my own times and there are plenty of people, younger and older, that are faster then me. That's ok since I just love to run. I think I will blog soon about how I got into running at a very young age thanks to my Grandma Nolan.......
My playlist on my MP3 is quite diverse and many times when I'm running, I quietly mouth along with the words to good songs and sometimes I dance a little bit, of course, depending on my mood. I have a feeling that if I'm running in the rain on Saturday I won't be mouthing anything from a song and absolutely nothing that is kid friendly. I have 103 songs currently and hope to add two more before then.
Here's a small selection:
*Battle without Honor or Humanity by Tomoyasu Hotei (song when Bumblebee transforms into New Bumblebee on Transformers)
*River of Love : George Strait- I just love this song
*Eat the Rich : Aerosmith- my son loves it when he burps at the end although he can't listen to it anymore due to profanity near the end
*Fat Bottomed Girls : Queen
*Gunpowder and Lead : Miranda Lambert
*Ignition : TobyMac- love it due to the motivation
*On the Road Again : Willie Nelson (obvious)
*Starry Eyed Surprise : Paul Oakenfold- this song was featured in a Diet Coke ad when they were roller skating around
*There's another one from Ocean's 12 that I'm trying to figure out how to download-it's the one during the time the French guy is going through the security in the museum (thanks Randee!)
That's a tiny bit of the variety of music I listen to when I'm cleaning or running.
*OMG, I forgot Dave Matthews. Oh hope lightning doesn't strike. I didn't mean to forget my all time favorite....we've only been to 20 concerts!!!!!!

I mailed a letter to Sean from KG95's Sean and Rita in the morning. He was talking about his slutty cat that kept getting out and getting herself knocked up. Well, I offered to get her spayed BUT SHE IS PREGNANT AGAIN. Now Sean, we all know better and now you know that there is a huge overpopulation of cats so PLEASE, follow through on what you said, get that cat spayed when she is done nursing her babies. Yes, I will be sending you another letter to see if you will give the kittens to Paw Prints so we can ensure they will be spayed and neutered so the cycle stops. We will take care of them. To anyone, we will take any unwanted kittens and take care of them, vet them, and find them homes. Just let us know.

Now I saved the best for last. I have received a total of $565 in donations. That is absolutely great and wonderful!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for all of you people who have donated to this cause. We always need more, so keep the donations and/or pledges coming in.
Pledges explanation: I will take pledges from people or businesses who want to donate a flat amount (due Nov. 1st) or a dollar amount per mile that I run in races this year. I will put your business logo on my donate today!
I have gotten TWO pledges so far for $5 per mile and $1 per mile! Based on my minimum of $52 by the end of the year, I will be running for an additional $300, at least. Now that I have that, I am so much more inclined to run in bad weather, additional races that I may not normally, or races out of town.
CHALLENGE ME, PEOPLE!!! Keep 'em coming in! Make me run and run and run so much that I will even complete a FULL marathon in October! At this time, I am planning to run the Sioux City 1/2 Marathon, but if I get more pledges, I will increase it just so I can bring in more funds for Paw Prints.

We got a very generous donation of just-expired dog food from Bomgaars to be given to needy pet owners who, under dire financial circumstances, cannot afford to feed their pets.
I can't thank you enough for your help. These dogs and cats would probably have to be euthanized otherwise and that's just not good enough! Thank you!
Please contact me if anyone wants to donate any dog or cat food or supplies!

Thank you and wish me luck on Saturday. I'll be posting pictures of me, probably looking like a drowned rat!!!! But I'll have a smile on my face because I know I'm Running for a Paws :)

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