Friday, April 17, 2009


On Wednesday, I ran my 10 miles in the morning. Boy did I crash that afternoon! Luckily, I get a few snoozes when my 3 year old takes his nap, or honestly, I don't know how I would make it until 10pm. I did get up at 4:50 to get the run in and be ready by about 7am. I like to get my running in first, then I can tackle whatever I need to during the day, which is usually a mixture of accomplishing tasks around the house, shopping for groceries or home improvement stuff, or playing with the kids/play dates. If it gets uneven and I spend too much time with things other than the kids, I get very uneasy and make sure to back off the "other" stuff and absorb into the boys. It's a delicate balance. I have to say that I am extremely lucky to have a husband who understands me and supports my need to have something other than , "stay at home mom" things to take care of. Running is such a big part of who I am and what I do. It is like therapy for me so it's almost like eating...I HAVE to! The bonus is that when I do get up in the mileage, I get to eat more! It's all good!
Anyway, here I go rambling off again. I did the ten miles on Wednesday, then took yesterday off, then I did 8 miles this morning. It was a whopping 50 degrees out when I got up so it's the first time this spring that I was able to run in my shorts, no jogging tights! Yeah! And the birds were just singin' away....ahhhh, what a way to start the morning!
I may even get up and run a quick 3 in the morning too....then I will for sure take Sunday off. I don't have a race for a while, but I need to work on speeding up my shorter distances.

As for the mom kitty, she has a sniffle. We're getting her some medicine. I didn't know cats could get colds. Poor thing. She meows LOUDLY when I leave~ I heard her when I was out blowing bubbles with my little one after lunch. So I wonder if she's missing her babies and I make her feel comfortable, or maybe she just misses me!

I have a cake to decorate...well, design first, then frost, then I shall decorate tomorrow morning. Better go. Please, again, send me your rescue stories. I've gotten a few but I need more to share!

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