Monday, March 30, 2009

Fundraising Milestone

Because of a very generous donation today by my loving relative Connie N., we now have raised $510 for Running for a Paws. This amount is enough to spay/neuter TEN dogs or cats, so I appreciate all the donors so much!!!

On another note, the weather this week is pretty tough....Saturday's weather wasn't looking good until this afternoon and it looks as though some precipitation will hold off until later in the day. I know it's only Monday and everything can change, but running in temps below 30 with a breeze is pretty chilly. Ok, it's downright cold. Doable, but cold. Let's hope for at least 40-something with some sun!

I ate my weight in Chinese-type food. I made a very delicious concoction of an Asian cuisine and I'm pretty impressed. I even made egg rolls. They need more umph, but I was pleasantly surprised. Now if only I could combine egg rolls and pesto.....hmmmm.

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