Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adoption Fair Today and my heart breaks!

There was an adoption fair today at Petsmart (here's a HUGE shout out to Petsmart for allowing non-profits to adopt at their facilities!!!!). There were SO MANY cats that need homes and only one from Paw Prints was adopted. Happily, he was about the sweetest cat ever and could be carried around like a babydoll, so I'm sure he will be happy. I fell in love with a grey one year old female named Silk. I have a feeling I will be fostering her next week. Who knows after that! These cats need good homes and my heart just broke for all of them having to go through the stress of being carted to Petsmart and put in cages. They are used to being in homes so they need to be adopted soon so they don't have to go through this!!!!

Another beautiful cat (pictured above) who needs a home is Butterscotch. He is 2 years old and is good with other cats and dogs. He is loving, but doesn't like to be picked up. My cats are the same way but they will climb on me on their terms.

A beautiful little black male cat with the shiniest fur caught the attention of lots of people today. For some reason, I can't remember his name but I told about a hundred people his name today...! So frustrating. I am holding him in the picture from today. He let me pick him up out of the cage and would play with people when they stopped by.

Another cat's story was sad....Tarzan was adopted from Paw Prints a few weeks ago and returned because he didn't get along with the owner's two little dogs. It was only two weeks ago and I could only assume that the little dogs annoyed him or he annoyed them- who knows-? Anyway, I appreciate the owner returning the cat to Paw Prints instead of another alternative.

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