Monday, March 9, 2009

Pile of Kittens and Running 10 Miles This Morning

Those unfamiliar with kittens may find it relatively amusing that when they are very young, they pile on each other when they sleep. I'm sure they do it to feel safe and to stay warm, especially when their mom is doing other important duties. The kittens I have are growing wonderfully and are so cute and fuzzy. My son, Tyler, wants to name the small one Little. So now the mom and three of the babies are named. I can't tell the larger yellow kittens apart so I can't name them!

I decided to go for it and run outside this morning. I was thinking of going 8 miles but decided that it could be another week before I get outside again, so hey, why not go 10??!! So it took me almost 90 minutes to do 10 miles and I am quite amazed that I don't hurt this afternoon! I'm glad that I'm in better shape that I thought I was, so hopefully I can go a little faster and further than expected.
It was really foggy out this morning during the run and I did have to dodge some ice patches here and there. I'm really exhausted now, but it's from lack of sleep (thanks daylight savings) and from being so darned busy the past few weeks. I don't really enjoy things being urgent all the time, but this is part of the deal. At least I get time to play with my boys and take care of my other little side jobs (cleaning and decorating cakes for friends).
It's time to go design my new "Running for a Paws" shirts that I will be running in, so better get that done before I fall asleep!

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