Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I was wrong

When I said yesterday that I wasn't that physically tired or sore from running ten miles, I was wrong. I was reading to Tyler last night and man, my legs were pins and needles! It was better a little later and maybe it was from actually resting for the first time all day, but geez, youch! I slept until about 5:45 and got up and did my weekly cardio sculpting to help the non-running muscles stay strong. It's a workout from David Kirsch that I've been doing for probably four years now and love it.
It's going to be below zero out tonite and I think tomorrow nite, so I'll be back on the treadmill.
That's ok, it's almost time to be exclusively outside running, so one more week or so isn't too bad considering it feels like November was a few weeks ago!
The kittens are doing great. I got another picture that I will post later this week of them all lined up while sleeping. I wonder if their mom does that for entertainment??? Haha.
Better go, Tyler is out of school again today and they're having a lot of fun in the basement, which is too suspicious for two little boys!

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