Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Foster

Two days ago, I got a momma cat and her SEVEN babies to foster. Someone dumped them at Animal Control and she had her babies. The do not thrive when they are kenneled so they are in our spare bathroom all comfy. She is a pretty yellow cat with five yellow babies, one grey and one black-ish baby. The grey and black ones have some yellow spots on them. They are so precious! She is a sweet kitty and purrs a lot and is a very good mom to her babies. All the babes are doing well and have relatively big tummies for how tiny they are!
I am running more starting today. I ran 7 miles this morning and it felt great. I was happy to be off the treadmill so hopefully it won't be too cold so I can get outside in the morning again. I hope I feel this strong for the 10 mile race in one month and can do better than I did last year, which was surprisingly well for the amount of running I did last year.
Better go!

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