Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day. More Running

The weather is good enough that I can finally plan to run outside!!! I sure hope that it stays that way.
I ran 10 miles yesterday morning. Last year after I ran that much, it was pretty tiring for the rest of the day. Yesterday, I had just as much energy. Amazing! So I decided to run 7 miles this morning. The only negative effects I have are from getting up early~I'm ready for Ryan to take his nap so I can get in my 20 minute snoozer. It's amazing how refreshing a little sleep in the middle of the day can be.
I'm averaging a 9 minute mile, which I'm happy with at the moment. I hope to shave off some more time, but I know when the race comes in just over two weeks, I should be doing a consistent 8 minute mile. I'm going to find a plan that includes speed work so I can get my times down even lower. Maybe that full marathon isn't completely out of the picture either. That would be quite an accomplishment for me!
*Kittens: They are cute little fluff balls! I will include an updated picture in the next few days. They are starting to move around more and Little even purred yesterday. Goldie let me hold her for a while. I think she needed the attention.
*For some better news, my sister is coming to visit. She has been a huge supporter of my Challenge so I am looking forward to introducing her to the Paw Prints people and my kitten babies.

*Adoption update: Five cats were adopted out over the weekend until yesterday. That's wonderful! I met some of the new owners and they will make good kitty parents. The bad thing is that there are tons more cats that came to Paw Prints so we need more foster homes and new adoptive families.

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