Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mommy Cat Has a Name

I have had the mom cat and her seven babies since Tuesday. There is a small one but (I assume it is a girl) I think she is doing ok. They seem to have puffy bellies when I check on them. The mom cat is now named Goldie...mostly because my son, Tyler's friend, Ethan, has a stuffed cat he loves so much and this mom cat looks just like her. So Ethan, a big thank you for helping me along with a name for this wonderful mom cat. I just cleaned up her room and she drank a little, then went back into her cozy box with the babies. I petted her and gave her some loving words and she put her paw on my arm while I was petting her, and it seemed to say "thank you for doing this for us". She was looking at me and put her paw on me....what a neat thing. I know I'm doing the right thing....

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