Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Momma cat and a long run today

Here's some new pictures of the kittens. I love the one on the left where Snickers is looking at me. You can see that they are trying to play. Little is basically under the grey one, Tigger. She is a tiny thing, but has quite a voice and is extremely sturdy. They are still slow, but they're getting it more every day. They're having visitors tomorrow as some friends are coming by to see them.

I let Goldie, the mom cat, out of the room she and the babies are staying in. Of course, she took one look at my cat Bailey and attacked. So it's back in the room for her! She's such a sweetie but I can't let her scared the gajeebers out of my cats, darned it. By the way, I am not sure what gajeebers are.

I decided that I wanted to get my long 10 mile run in today, so Andy came home from work 30 minutes early so I could get a good start. It was windy so I thought it would be really difficult (especially since I really dislike running/biking/being in the wind), but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too awful. Some days when I run in the wind, it seems to come from three directions....every time I turn, it's still windy. I don't quite get that phenom, but it's true. Not the case today as it was clearly out of one direction so I had a good tail wind and a side wind. It took me about an hour and 23 minutes, although I cut a tiny loop out, which would maybe stretch out to half a mile, and I even had to stop once because I thought my stomach was going to explode. Of course it didn't, and once it quit hurting, I started running again and it didn't come back.
The best part about running so much is that my metabolism increases a lot and I can eat more. Yes, there are limits or I'd end up actually gaining weight. I have a possibly unhealthy obsession with pesto, so I got to eat quite a bit of it for dinner. I love pesto! I'm looking forward to making some fresh from my garden this year. Well, the basil will be from the garden, the rest from Fareway. I guess that's fresh. Gotta go watch Bunny Town with the boys~the one where the plate of spaghetti plays the guitar...they love that one and the underwear bunny one. They are such boys!

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